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IONIC Beauty - manual Toothbush with negative ion

Ion toothbrush - A new whitening toothbrush from ionic!


[Japan's first] Stain removal with rubber soft hair for whitening. The entire bristles of the brush are coated with rubber, and the whitening effect is increased by 38% due to the force of friction. Rubber soft hair for whitening polishes stains (colored stains) caused by tea or coffee like an eraser, and restores the original whiteness of teeth.

A conductive material (conductive resin) kneaded with carbon is used on the back of the main body, and by touching the black part on the back, a weak current flows and ions are generated. The ion effect connects the teeth and plaque. Since it is loosened, plaque can be removed by brushing with water without using toothpaste.

The body color is available in four pastel colors (light pink, light blue, purple, and white) that are popular with women.

Two replacement brushes are also on sale at the same time → Rubber soft hair replacement for whitening 

○ Size / Weight / Quantity / JAN
Rose: 45 × 235 × 24mm 33g
Ball (6P): 85 × 240 × 70mm 218g
Case (120P): 370 × 260 × 380mm 4,660g
Soft JAN: 4969542146484


Ionic Beauty - Japan 1st manual toothbrush with negative ion

SKU: 4969542146484

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