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You would like to know what Gettou is? It's a spicy life energy essential oil that is specific for its aroma. It's unique for its specific steam distillation process to produce which makes this essential oil special to apply.

It's made from Alpinia zerumbet commonly known in botanology as well as shell ginger. In Japanese terminology known as ゲットウ (gettō) and in Chinese known as 艳山姜 (yàn shānjiāng) or in other words 月桃 (yuetao). This plant is native to eastern Asia and is commonly known for use in cuisine and traditional medicine. You will wonder that its leaves are sold on the market for making herbal tea and are also used to flavour noodles and wrap mochi rice cakes.


To own this Gettou package, where the extraction rate for essential oil is low, and its potency is several times those of common Ginger essential oil is something worth having in your cosmetics corner as an aromatherapy accessory.


This 1ml size bottle is a unique gift package to someone who is up to aromatherapy and relaxation techniques to try with help of this tiny magic.


SKU: 4954753042335
  • Origin: Japan (Okinawa)

    Scientfic name: Alpinia zerumbet (Alpinia speciosa) 

    Part extracted: Leaves

    Extraction method: Steam distillation

    Manufacturer:  株式会社 生活の木 Tree of Life Co., Ltd

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