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Antibacterial ultra-fine hair replacement brush for IONPA Travel


  • Ultra-fine hair easily reaches the periodontal pocket between teeth and gums, and is effective in preventing periodontal disease.
  • Antibacterial hair specifications that can be used hygienically (antibacterial rate 99.9%)
  • Uses ultra-fine hair that gently penetrates into the periodontal pocket
  • Can be used with all KISS YOU (for hand polishing) toothbrushes.
  • Click here for a great 6-piece set



"KISS YOU ® IONPA series" is from the negative ion toothbrush "KISS YOU ®" series by Dr. Yuichi Izumi (Director, Oral Care Perio Center, General Minami Tohoku Hospital), who is a leading researcher in periodontal disease research in Japan. It is an electric toothbrush that was developed under the supervision and started selling in the spring of 2018. Due to the synergy between the ion effect and sonic vibration, the removal rate of plaque, which causes bad breath and periodontal disease, is 196% * compared to hand brushing. In order to loosen the bond between teeth and plaque by the effect of negative ions generated from the tips of the hair, we dare to adopt a gentle frequency of about 22,000 strokes per minute, leading to smooth and clean teeth without damaging the teeth and gums.


* According to verification at Tokyo Medical and Dental University, the plaque removal rate of the "IONPA series" is 196% of the brushing ratio compared to manual toothpaste.


* The plaque removal effect of the "IONPA series" was presented by a research group at Tokyo Medical and Dental University at an international conference (Euro Perio 9) held in the Netherlands in June 2018.

IONIC Travel Refill Brush


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