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Oral Care Hygiene

Oral care hygiene stays for two main words as care and hygiene. It’s not a secret that cleaning your mouth during the day on a frequent basis can have a huge impact on the health and hygiene of the oral part of your body. But not just that. It’s known that to provide such a “service” to our mouth during the day can be time-consuming. On the other hand, having good oral health helps you enjoy life in many social aspects.


We do eat during a day multiple times, we do taste and swallow delicious and nutritious foods, but these wonderful feelings through facial expressions such as smiling can’t hide what happened from the disinfection aspect. If you have your daily harmonogram fully organized and you are able to protect your oral health with good oral hygiene practices (brushing and flossing), the odds are in your favour you can keep your teeth for a lifetime.

To keep your smile authentic and teeth healthy, it is important to think about how to remove dental plaque (a sticky, colourless film of bacteria). Plaques that build up during the day after every bite of delicious food we eat can cause tooth decay and gum disease. Dental plaque is hard to see.

Brushing and disinfection tips:

  • Use high-quality toothpaste that contains Sulfetal ZN ®, a patented and exclusive molecule based on Zinc, that is what protects teeth from tooth decay (cavities). 

  • It prevents decay by strengthening the tooth’s hard outer surface, called enamel.

  • Angle the bristles toward the gum line, so they clean between the gums and teeth.

  • Brush gently with patience, using small, circular motions. Do not just scrub hard back and forth with repetitive movement.

  • Brush all of the sides of each tooth.

  • Use dental floss

  • Don’t forget to brush your tongue.

  • Use propolinse mouthwash after brushing teeth or during a day if you’re busy

Follow these steps on a daily basis so your care of teeth and oral hygiene will become a passion the same as we do have a simple goal to cherish so much to smile because this is our company mission.

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