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Propolinse Mouthwash

Propolinse dental “water” will help you to provide oral cleanliness and prevent you not just from bad breath. With its help, all the dirty microbes are now visible. Simply propolinse refresh. Ditch the dental plaque and enjoy a blissful sensation. The latest oral hygiene etiquette product (น้ํายาบ้วนปาก ญี่ปุ่น propolinse) or known as propolinse mouthwash from japan.


It's simple to use, just hold it in your mouth and gargle. You don't see these but all dental plaque is in your oral cavity. Eliminate these dirty microbes and experience the extreme blissful sensation. Spit out after 30 seconds and the stunning effect of fresh breath is yours.

Rinse out for only 30 seconds in the mouth. Then you will be surprised at the darts. Take off protein in the mouth deeply and feel fresh like after brushing your teeth. For more information visit our website to have overall information about our Propolinse mouthwash Product line.

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