Dr. Blumen Wood Diffuser is designed to make full use of exquisite wood materials to create a comfortable environment. It is useful in confined spaces, such as in car or carboard. Simply drip a few drops of essential oils on it everyday, and after a couple of weeks, you will find that the aroma is retained. 


Cypressus Nootkatensis (Hiba), also known as Canadian Cypress, is a tough, strong and durable tress species. Because it grows in cold climate, it is famous for its hardness and slow growth. The average tree height is around 24 meters, with diameter of 90cm. The average age is 300 years old.This species is distributed in the Pacific Coast of North America, especially in British Coloumbia, Canada. It has a uniform yellow color, fine texture and straight wood grains, and emits aroma when cut. It is also a natural insect repellent.


Chamaecyparis Taiwanensis, also known as Taiwanese Hinoki, has an average height of 30 – 40 meters, and can grow up to 60 meters, with diameter up to 6 meters. Hinoki is a slow growth tree, its diameter growing by 50 cm per 100 years. The average age of Taiwan Hinoki is around 600 years old in Taiwan.


In the 1990s, Taiwan government banned the logging of natural Hinoki to preserve this important forest resource. Most Taiwan Hinoki on the market today are leftover stocks from 20 years ago. This wood diffuser is made from the small leftover excess wood blocks.


Taiwan Hinoki is rich in Eugenol and hence prevents insects and spoilage. It is also a natural insect repellent.


Wood Grain varies due to the nature of the wood.

Nature Wood Diffuser