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Chamaecyparis Taiwanensis


Wood Grain will Varies due to the nature of the wood.


The average Height of Taiwan Hinoki is 30 – 40 meters, and can grow up to 60 meters, diameter up to 6 meters. Hinoki is a slow growth tre, its diameter growing by 50 cm per 100 years. The average age of Taiwan Hinoki is around 600 years old.


In the 1990s, Taiwan government banned the logging of natural Hinoki to preserve this important forest resource. Most Taiwan Hinoki on the market today are leftover stocks from 20 years ago. This wood diffuser is made from the small leftover excess wood blocks.


Taiwan Hinoki is rich in Eugenol and hence prevents insects and spoilage. It is also a natural insect repellent.

Wood Diffuser (Chamaecyparis Taiwanensis -Taiwan Hinoki)