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Plant-based Rouge lipstick that is superior in quality! Let’s enjoy makeup more!

Popularity of makeup increases use of lipsticks. The ingredient that we need to be careful is the ingredient Rouge. So, Wasser makes a product that moisturizes dry and sensitive lips, derived from friendly Rouge plants. 

- Prevents Dryness

- 100% Natural

- Glossy

- Prevents Roughness

- Bright Colors

Suitable Skin Types All Skin Types
Alcohol Free? Yes
Fragrance Free? Yes
Mineral Oil Free? Yes
Paraben Free? Yes
Petroleum Surfactant Agent Free? Yes
Importer BeauBeau Singapore Pte Ltd
Origin Japan

Wasser Moisture Rouge (Lipstick)

S$69.00 Regular Price
S$34.50Sale Price
  • 1. A Call To The Colors!

    The beautiful skin of women looks even better with suitable color variation. From formal to casual, you can cover every scene with Wasser Natural Moist Rouge. The effect of pearl and moisturizing ingredients produce a glossy look. Please enjoy the color that has different personality in each! 

    2. Commitment To Ingredients! 

    The aim is not to put stress to the lips. We want to use only friendly plant-based ingredients that care and moisturizes the lips while protecting from drying out. For the base, we use Sunflower Seed Oil, Olive Fruit Oil, Squalane, Safflower Flower Extract! For dye, only natural minerals and plant-derived ingredients are used.