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Try this Refresh Flavour propolinse mouthwash in a practical well designed 600ml bottle. Beaubeau as an authorized reseller provides you to with an even more refreshing feeling than standard toothpaste can do for you. If you are a smoker you will find advantages of refreshment during the day with ease. Open this special bottle during the day and take care of your mouth hygiene. Rinse for only 30 seconds in the mouth and continue with your regular brushing.


Refresh Flavour propolinse mouthwash can provide you with the very best reward - sparkling fresh breath. It will neutralize odour from germs that cause bad breath and leave your mouth feeling clean and refreshed. Give this propolinse mouthwash try and feel the difference.


Specially for Smoker !

Product Size: 150ml and 600ml/bottle

★Authorized Reseller★

Refresh Flavour - Propolinse

SKU: 4966680247011

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