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About This Mosquito Blend - For women and children


Made from 100% Pure Essential Oils

In this blend, we take the unique aroma
of True Lavender and Genarium, and
combine it with top-grade Lemongrass
Essential Oil. The result is a mesmerising
aromatic bath that is calming, cheerful,
gentle to skin, and repels mosquitoes.


About Dr Blumen
Flowers are representations of Nature,
and Nature is the best doctor to take care
of us. Blumen is the German word for
Flowers, and “Dr Blumen” succinctly
describes this thinking.


How to use:
1. Shake well before use.
2. Spray on clothe or skin as desired,
then pat gently.
3. Spray some on palm, then apply on
sensitive spots.


Cautions for use:
1. Do not drink.
2. Do not spray into eyes or mouth.
3. Do not apply on open-wound, or
skins with adnormality.
4. Keep out of reach of children.
5. Some children or adults might have
sensitive skin. Do a patch test
before applying.
6. If pregnant, please consult Doctor
before use.
7. If the repellant gets into eye, rinse
with running water.
8. Store in a cool dry place.
9. There might be changes in color
or turbidity due to temperature

Mosquito Repellent for kids --- Gentle on skin. Suitable for Kids & ladies