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The First Thing to Know About Wasser Beauty Treatment Soap

Wasser Beauty Treatment Soap does not use coagulant, and goes through natural aging process for 3 months. This long natural aging process also ensures that any stimulants are weakened, and hence are gentle and safe for skin. Suitable for sensitive skin, even for baby.


Suitable Skin Types All Skin Types
Alcohol Free? Yes
Fragrance Free? Yes
Mineral Oil Free? Yes
Paraben Free? Yes
Petroleum Surfactant Agent Free? Yes
Importer BeauBeau Singapore Pte Ltd
Origin Japan



Beauty Treatment Soap 85g

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  • Beauty Treatment Soap Full Ingredient List:

    Sekken Soji, Wasser Water, Sodium Bicarbonate, and Amino Acids


    Sekken Soji:  Sekken Soji is made from fatty acids from animal and vegetable oil and sodium hydroxide. It is a soap material which is very mild and creates foam easily.

    Water:  Wasser uses High Concentration Hydrogen Ion Water that is superior in controlling bacteria and has deodorizing effect. Helps tighten skin. 

    Sodium Bicarbonate: Also known as baking soda, it is a food addictive encoded by European Union. Has several medical and dental uses, such as tooth paste. 

    18 types of Amino Acids:  Approximately half of the lorny layer of the skin's natural moisturizing substance consists of amino acids. Wasser Amino Acid is balanced with essential 18 types of Amino Acids.