The most popular Aromore series!


This is a mini-sized diffuser which diffuses fine particles of essential oil efficiently.


As it is not diluted with water or heated, it gives out pleasant natural aroma.

The bottle is installed in the diffuser and does not use fire, so it can be used safely by families with small children and the elderly.

Feature 1: It is smart-phone-sized company and easy to hold with one hand, so it can be used in various places such as the entrance, toilet, desk of children.

Feature 2: Although it is small, the diffuser covers the space of about 6 to 12 tatami mats.


For 2 hours a day, one 5 ml essential oil can be used for about 2 weeks, and one 10 ml essential oil can be used for about 1 month.


*The amount of consumption and how the scent spreads depends on the environment of use and the type of essential oil.

Feature 3: Operation and maintenance is easy - simply attach a 5ml or 10ml bottles of Tree of Life essential oil and press a button. 


It turns off automatically 2 hours after the power is turned on, so it is also recommended for people who use daytime and nighttime aromas every day.

Feature 4: Can be operated with both AC adapter and USB port


*Essential oil is not included in this product. Please purchase separately.

Recommended for gifts: If you want to use it as a gift, you can pack one to three essential oils or blends in the box of the Aromore Mini.

Aromore Mini Diffuser

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