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Alegria toothpaste 

Use of only clean and verified materials not harmful for the human body.

(99% pure silver, Colloidal silicon dioxide, Tocopherol acetate, Sophora,Aloe vera,

Peppermint,Liquorice...gift of nature!)


So very fresh,

strong restraint of germs lasting for 8 to 12 hours.


No paraben contained causing cancer.

(NO:paraben, trichloroacetic acid,synthetic fragrance, tar color, emulsifier, animal harmful materials)


All Care Alegria toothpaste can be recommended for people who(se):

√ Teeth become so sensitive when you eat anything cold.

√ Gums are swollen or bloody.

√ Have bad breath due to plaque.

√ Teeth turn yellow due to smoking, instant food, or coffee.

√ Do not feel fresh after brushing due to orthodontics.

√ Often visit to the dentist before or after dentures or implant.

√ Children often have cavity due to sweets.

√ Children swallow toothpaste or do not like brushing.

√ Have weak gums and teeth while pregnancy, or before or after childbirth.




Model : alegria toothpaste


Weighr or Volume : 130g


Ingredients :

No paraben Far-infrared radiation Pain relief, anti-bacterial effect, deodorization, prevention of proliferation of mold, removal of heavy metals, sweating effect

No trichloroacetic acid

No synthetic fragrance Healing wave Enhancement of self-healing power, vitalization of immune function

No tar color Negative ion Anti-ageing, improvement of immunity, enhancement of blood circulation, active metabolism

No emulsifier

No animal harmful materials Pure silver leaf Anti-bacterial effect, sterilization, natural antibiotic


Manufacturing Country : South Korea

Alegria Toothpaste (100% non toxic) - Super Effective for Oral Care

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