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Disinfectants / DIY Hand Sanitizer

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One of the active ingredient is Alcohol. Alcohol is effective against influenza virus .

Ethyl alcohol (70%) is a powerful broad-spectrum germicide and is considered generally superior to isopropyl alcohol.

Alcohol, particularly in solutions between 60% and 90% alcohol with 10 – 40% purified water, is rapidly antimicrobial against bacteria, fungi, and viruses.

For virus, it is recommended to use at least a 70% alcohol + 30% water to disinfect.

Beside alcohol , the presence of water is a crucial factor in destroying or inhibiting the growth of pathogenic microorganisms with Alcohol. Water acts as a catalyst and plays a key role in denaturing the proteins of vegetative cell membranes.

70% Alcohol solutions penetrate the cell wall more completely which permeates the entire cell, coagulates all proteins, and therefore the microorganism dies. Extra water content slows evaporation, therefore increasing surface contact time and enhancing effectiveness.

Once alcohol concentrations drop below 50%, usefulness for disinfection drops sharply.

Notably, higher concentrations of alcohol don’t generate more desirable bactericidal, virucidal, or fungicidal properties. Some virus required 10-30 sec for the alcohol to disinfect. Water will help to increase the contact time. Example ; 99% alcohol will evaporate so fast that it may not disinfect the virus. A 60% to 90% alcohol solution will do best in disinfection performance.

DIY Hand sanitizer

Dilute any concentration of alcohol to between 70% to 80% with water by volume.

Example : Alcohol content that is 99.9% ,

- put 75ml (99.9% alcohol) + 25ml of water.

- to protect the skin as alcohol may be quite dry, put 2-3ml of vegetable glycerin

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