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Aromatherapy (essential oil)

Aromatherapy stays for two words as aroma and therapy. It’s not a secret that aroma-essential oil inhaling can have a huge impact on health and stress symptom revealing. But not just that. By applying a diluted form to the skin. Historically there are many herbs used in aromatherapy. From roman chamomile, lavender, geranium, tea tree, lemon, ginger, or bergamot. Aromatherapy is used for curing insomnia or as a protective solution to fight mosquitoes - known as mosquito repellent. It was not confirmed and so we don’t know whether it’s helpful to the insomnia issue, because there has been little rigorous research done on this topic. But what we know for sure is it helps for relaxation and calms down your actual mood that can be triggered by various stressful situations.


Aromatherapy theory

The healing theory behind aromatherapy using two contrasting scents, lime and lavender, for people under stress had proved an interesting finding. Found that lime had a positive effect on mood but neither scent affected stress indicators. Aswell helped to biochemical markers of immune system changes, or pain control to relieve. There is no hard rough dividing line to make this happened as differentiate aromatherapy and mosquito repellent when we talk about enriching any herb for example with lemongrass or geranium to level up the influence of the main herb used in essential oil.

But first and foremost there is a wide range of other herbs that are more likely to be used as some sort of oil-based perfume applied to customer skin. That’s why some of the aromatherapy oils are considered as a skin health category. And yes that is the reason why aromatherapy is sometimes incorporated into massage therapy for various conditions. It can be knee pain from osteoarthritis or pain triggered by muscle tension or even from various stress signals like anxiety.

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