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Delightful toothpaste flavours

An innovative Italian company that pays attention to consumer trends and to the sustainability of its products. Wide range of toothpaste flavour products, from the original recipe. From lemon and other natural herbs.

Propolinse care

Another innovation to oral care. Collection of best propolinse products. Try it now and enjoy a gently freshing.


Unique ion oral care

Ultimate Convenience on the go. Uniquely designed toothbrush for travelling with refill brush. With or without electricity need. Made for you in Japan.

Functional gel

Wasser is made of high concentration hydrogen ion water. Hi-functional Gel is a super moisturizing beauty serum that is perfect for dry skin, oily skin, and sensitive skin. This is definitely all-in-one in skincare.


Herbal essence

Wide selection of different essential oil. Fully packed section of aromatherapy magic at one place. From gently or fresh to clean essence with a sharp and strong aroma in various tones.

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